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Sheila (Byrd) Haskins, known by the signature  "SheByrd"  in the Texas area, has been painting since the age of 12.
She is self-taught and enjoys working in oils. 

 Her first recognition for her talent was in 1971, for a painting called "Susan's Poppies". 
At that time, she signed her paintings  "Durrett'".  This painting was acknowledged and
praised in a full -page article in the Sunday edition of the Nashville Tennessean News.   
Over 10,000 prints were made and sold.

 She enjoys painting landscapes, portraits and animals of all kinds.


   Painting of Dog Creek in Prime Springs, TN                                German Shepard, Kip.......


       I have created many logos for various purposes... the Black Cat and Diamond has been the Regions Fundraiser Logo for the past 7 years.  Soon to retire it.

                                                          Diamonds Are Furrrever
                       Fundraiser for CFA Gulf Shore Regions 2014 


                                                              All rights to this clipart design are  exclusively  for CoonOpry only.

   This Logo was sold to a company in France.  The company allowed me to use the image for one piece

                 of fine jewely, excluding the pins made for the 2014 Awards Banquet.
                                               14K Gold with a cluster of diamonds in the diamond.



   For fun, I created a Whimsical Cat for the 2104 Annual Banquet, but it was decided not to be used, but I thought I would share it with you:
  This boy certainly makes you smile.....



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