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We have RETIRED from breeding and no longer have kittens for sale.

Polydactyl Maine Coons                                                                       See photos below

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Polydactyl - A Wonderful, Natural Maine Coon Trait
                                                                                      Judith Schulz with Aragon   -   Dallas, TX   2010

Even though over a third of the Maine Coon breed was
Originally represented by Polydactyl cats, some associations
in certain countries are still resistant towards allowing them
to be shown in Championship class.  A severe research error
in the 1980s had basically turned into "on old wives tale",
spreading misleading information about a healthy Poly
paw  -  confusing the cat fancy even now.  Through a
completely unjustified and partially political sanction,
Polydactyl Maine Coons have been, over the past 3 decades,
reduced to a bare minimum.  Instrumental in sanctions like
this are usually a few individuals who typically seem to be
pulling the strings in the cat fancy.  Looking at the amazing
boning of these beautiful cats, the true motivation factor was very
much suspected to be fear of competition in the show ring.
So much for history......  Prairiebaby Maine Coons decided in
the year 2000 to start a new Maine Coon Polydactyl foundation line
in Canada and proudly called it "The Masterweaver Line".  Over
the past decade, Prairiebaby cattery has poured a lot of passion
into these cats  - improving their weaknesses and enhancing their
natural strenghts.   Others started showing Prairiebaby Polydactyl
Maine Coons in TICA "NEW" Traits in 2010 (It's a very old trait!)
Several TICA judges are enjoying their very mellow, sweet
temperament, their wonderful boning and their balance and type. 
The judges are also pleasantly surprised to find out that there is
nothing wrong with Polydactyl Maine Coons, at all.  Past
opposition, feared mongering and were simply creating a myth  -
a myth that has deprived our breed of a lot of valuable genetic
material.  Showing our "materpieces" in TICA will not only
have a positive reverse effect on an already too limited gene
pool, but also serves as a perfect tool to educate the deserving
public.   (information from Prairiebaby Maine Coons)

Coonopry has developed outstanding show lines directly from the polydactyl grandparents.  We have Grand Champions, Grand Premiers and Regional Winners.
 By introducing the Masterweaver lines to Coonopry's show lines, we are expecting to enhance the boning, coat and overall appearance of the Maine Coon show lines.
We should also be successful in producing some very outstanding Poly lines to be presented in New Traits in TICA.  Below are  the foundation poly lines that are helping with this development.

                             Wynter has retired
 Prairiebaby Harvest Rain PP ... aka Wynter

 DOB:  05/15/2009

Sire:  Prairiebaby Hope for Harvest
Dam: Prairiebaby Mercysweetspringrain PP


 Wynter is from the Masterweaver lines created by Judith Schulz.  All toes touch the ground with very healthy feet.
  He has 6 toes on all  feet.

 Wynter is a beautiful asset to my breeding program, and I wish to thank my dear friend Judith for this beautiful boy.

 He has already sired some beautiful litters and can't wait to show them off.

Wynter is registered in TICA and CFF... he will soon be registered in CFA

                                              Desi Jr has retired and is in his forever home.

  Kumskaka My Blue Heaven  ... aka  Desi, Jr... 

  Desi, Jr comes from my foundation lines all the way back to the 100% foundation.  His father was
 sent to Phyllis Tobias where she returned a son to me.  He is a beautiful blue classic boy without white.

 DOB:  06/01/2008

Sire:  Coonopry's Desperado
Dam: Kumskaka I'll Join the Rocks

 Desi, Jr is registered in  CFA, TICA & CFF

Coonopry's Bobby McGee... now retired and still my baby.  Produced a nice poly brown classic girl for me.
Bobby was the type that needed to be around humans all the time and he adopted my St. Elmo's Fire to be his papa.
Elmo goes along with it, but my lap sure does get heavy..        
     Pedigree for Bobby

This boy has the body of perfection.  His paws are so well formed you would simply think he had large paws, yet they were in perfect formation.
I feel a little guilty not breeding him more, but he lets me know how much he loves me daily....   Sire: Prairiebaby Harvest Rain, Dam: Coonopry Little Darlin' 


Kitten photo of Coonopry's Willow Creek, Daughter of Coonopry's Bobby McGee...........  
                                                                Pedigree for Willow


   Coonopry Darling Depaws    ....aka.. Deedee
    Deedee is a beautiful classic blue patch girl will 6x6 (6 toes on all 4)  She is the mitten type

   DOB: 02/14/2010

    Sire:  Kumskaka My Blue Heaven
    Dam:  Channa Phacelia

   Deedee is a foundation F5 and is registered in TICA as well as CFA

In Breeding:  1.57%

Clones:  7.93%
Top 5:   20.3%


Polydactyl kittens:


   The two cameo boys and this little brown classic girl are siblings of Coonopry's Darling Depaws.

   The  tortoiseshell girl top right is getting attention from someone other than her real mom... she will go to anyone whose "got milk"