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Read about foundation breeding .  Coonopry River Song for Hope  
  This was Coonopry's first 100% breeding.  Mother was Koontucky Loretta Lynn of Coonopry
  I still have the lines from this girl.  She was a great asset to my foundation breeding.
  Several other foundation lines I had were Prairiebaby Hope of Eternity, who is the father of
  my Coonopry's Phoenix and also used Prairiebaby Harvest Rain, who was a solid white polydactyl.
  My first polydactyl was Kumskaka My Blue Heaven, whose father was Coonopry Desperado (F4 that was
  sent to Kumskaka and in return she sent me My Blue Heaven.  This boy is the father to my beautiful
  Polydactyl girl Coonopry's Darling Depaws... who has an inbreeding of less than 1%... 

  My purpose for using foundation breeding goes back to when I first started a breeding program.
  The cats came from lines that carried HCM and while testing yes, my girls had HCM.. they were spayed and
  placed in a loving home and explained what was going on.  My next start the mother had very bad hips.
  After testing her offspring, so did they.  They were spay and neutered and I started over again. Meanwhile
  I showed her offspring in CFA Premiership where they received Grand status and one became a Regional Winner.

  I did my research and found that most believe to get a really good typy show cat, you need to inbreed
  the cat to bring out those great features, yes this happens and so can other undesirable genes we try
  to stay away from.  HCM, SMA, PKD, HD... everything we test for but still developed this when a cat
  is heavily inbred.

  The theory of foundation breeding, to me, is to add a cat that does not have the 5 cats that make up
  the standard, which are 2 Heidi Ho's, 2  Tai Tan's, 1 Whittmore.  These 5 cats are the original foundation
  for the showlines we have today.  But over the years the foundation marker was going over 75%  meaning
  75% of a particular cats pedigree was made up of these 5 cats.  Some cats today have inbreeding as high as
  25+% with clones as high as 45+% I will not take a cat with numbers this high.

  Now the purpose of using foundation is to thin out the lines that are heavily inbred.  It is like taking water
  and pouring it into wine... less wine, right... well by adding foundation lines, there is less inbreeding. 

  Some believe, how do we know what is behind that foundation cat, it also could be heavily inbred...true...but 
  it will not have the 5 cats mentioned above.  A good breeder introducing foundation, has to do their homework
  and test these foundation cats for everything and test often, as well as its offspring...once satisfied that
  they are clear, ( best way to determine this is to actually inbreed the foundation to see what surfaces, brother 
  sister, then those offspring, brother to sister... if they test clear) then you know you are on a fairly good
  trace to having good foundation lines.

  What is picked to be a good candidate for foundation.  Look mainly up north, Canada, upper Maine, cats that are 
  wild around barns but the farmer is familiar with the cat and where it came from..hopefully it will have some of the
  traits of a Maine Coon... like long body frame, long tail, ear furnishings coming out of the ears, hopefully a thick shaggy
  coat for these are things that most cats in the north would have to adapt to the cold weather.

  If you are lucky you will be allowed to trap the cat, run all test, but keep in mind this cat is wild.  You do the same
  in a totally different location, state, etc to gain your second cat with similar traits.  These are established as your 
  F1 100% Foundation Cat 1 generation.  Mate them and the offspring becomes F2 100% Foundation Cat 2 generations.
  If you are luckly you can go for the F3 as Koontucky did when I got Koontucky Loretta Lynn who was a
  100% F3  3 full generations from both parents.  Testing is the most important criteria for any genetic issues.
  Working with foundation lines is not for the faint of heart.  It is hard work, and yes some breeders do not understand
  why and will give that foundation breeder a hard time.  I myself was given a hard time because I choice to use
  and work with 100% F3 foundation, and created a 100% F4 foundation... but these lines are still tested and are
  still healthy today.  

  Once I was satisfied with the outcome of the foundation lines, I started mixing them with cat that had 15% inbreeding
  by using a 100% foundation, the offsprings had "0" inbreeding.  People tell me that is wrong.. but the database is set
  up to show you if you put one cat with another cat it will tell you how much inbreeding was caused by those two cats.
  Since the 100% foundation cat did not have any cats that the inbreed show cat had, that breeding proved that
  there was no inbreeding with those two cats.

  When I got my lines up to F6, one of my goals in foundation breeding was to prove that you can have a great show cat
  without it being inbred to death.  Thus I had many Grand Champions that were F6 and several Grand Champions/
  Regional Winners, that were also F6.  In CFA a cat has to have 6 full generations on the pedigree, meaning five full on
  the sire's side as well as that many on the Dam's side.. yet one of them could have as many as 20 or 30 generations.
  As long as one side of the pedigree had 5 full generations for the 6th generation is the cat in question that makes 
  number 6.
  The females below are all F5 girls that are still being using in my breeding program.

  To see the F6 Foundation showlines, please go back to the "Directory of this website" and look up Foundation Showlines.
  You will be amazed to see the size and comfirmation of these cats for they meet the standards of all the Maine Coons
  being shown today.

  Thank you for taking the time to read my explanation about founation breeding in the Coonopry family..

  Sheila Haskins



Foundation Females  in breeding programs





Coonopry's DePaws.... aka...Deedee

A blue Silver Classic Patch girl.....F5
Parents Are:
Shanna Phacelia of Coonopry X Kumskaka My Blue Heaven of Coonopry

         COI:  complete 1.57%
         Clones:  7.93%
         Top 5:   20.3%




  Coonopry's Blackberry Wine  is an F5 foundation girl


    Inbreeding   .89%
    Clones           19%
   Top 5              38.5%






















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