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         Elmo was my love, may he RIP for he past away in the month of August 2017 from cancer.....

Meet St. Elmo's Fire who accomplished
so much in only 4 months before the 2005/2006
Show season, in CFA, had ended.  He received awards
as CFA's Grand Champion, Regional Winner, and also
received a National Breed Win award as the 7th Best
Maine Coon in the Nation, from the CFA
Maine Coon Breed Council in 2005/06
and 2005/06 CFA Gulf Shore Region, Best of Breed Maine Coon,
plus in 2006/2007, he is TICA's Supreme Grand
Champion and Regional Winner.....


There is not a person or judge he does not like.  They all loved his wonderful deep rich mahagony colored, classic
pattern and his abundance of personality.


This gorgeous boy has so much personality he would attract
a line of spectators who would follow him to the rings.

While carrying him to the rings in a stretched out position, his
front paws would reach out and spread as if he were kneading

an imaginary friend will love..... 



 This beautiful boy is made up of solid muscle, weighing in at  just over 20 pounds



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