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Maine Coons, of Chorus!

 We (Sheila and John Haskins) use to live southwest of Dallas, Texas in the most southern part of Grand Prairie.  Our home was near I-20, and is very convenient when traveling to cat shows. 

 John has devoted over 40 years to the insurance industry, and brokers insurance for commercial businesses through our own company, JH General Agency.  I just write the paychecks for our 50+ agents, and manage the office .  I really prefer to stay away from the office and just play with our kitties!  We both have now retired and sold our Agency.


Our new home was recently finished and we have moved there as of November 19, 2016.  It is going to take a lot of dedication to get the yard and surrounding land in shape... this home is sitting on
 a hillside of 20 acres.

WE ARE HOME.......

 I (Sheila) grew up 18 miles southwest of Nashville, Tennessee, in a town called Franklin.  I've raised 4 beautiful children (3 girls and 1 boy).  My daughters have graced me with 7 wonderful grandchildren that are living in Texas, Arkansas and Tennessee.  I now also have a Great-Grand-Baby... I fussed, told them I was too young, but life is a beautiful thing, and I would not take anything for him.. he is a sweetheart.  Now that my children have lives of their own, I felt a need to fill another space in my life.  When I discovered that my husband loved cats as much as I do, we decided to attend a cat show.  After doing this, we realized showing cats would be something that the two of us could do together. While we were at the cat show, we fell "head over heels" in love with the Maine Coon Cats. They stole our hearts.  We purchased many books on the subject, as well as a vet book for illnesses.  We knew this was not going to be a "fly by night" venture, but a life long commitment.

 One evening, we tried hard to think of what we would call our cattery.  John, realizing that I have always loved Country-Western music, came up with the name. Music has always been a part of my life for I enjoy trying to play various string instruments, piano, flute, harmonica, and will soon start the bagpipes.  The cats should love that!  I have collected all of these instruments over the years.  So, my love of music was "instrumental" in the decision to call our cattery CoonOpry.

 CoonOpry's Maine Coon Cats live in our home, and allow us to live with them in their world.  Although, they have  wonderful, private rooms, with a picture window view of our garden,   with pond, they also have the run of the house, i.e. 3,000 square feet of play area.  Our kitties are now part of our family, and like children,  their health and welfare are very important to us.

 We screen each of our Maine Coons, whether breeders or alters, for any possible genetic issues, and  we are Feline Leukemia free. Our boys and girls also receive all other necessary screenings and innoculations for their protection. 

 We also believe, for the protection of future kittens, that it is important to do our best to breed for healthy lines.  Before purchasing a new kitten, we verify the COI (Calculation of Inbreeding) of that pedigree to make sure it will benefit our program, and then, we do a Mate Testing in the Maine Coon Database found at .  Until the "Mapping of the Cat" is completed, we breeders need to do our best to work with whatever is available to prevent such dreaded diseases as HCM, HD, SMA, etc.  Although breeding for low COIs is not yet a proven factor, doing so  has resulted in a significant decrease of these problems.  CoonOpry is not breeding kittens for the market, rather we are breeding to develop a healthy cat which will, hopefully, contribute to healthier lines. 

 If and when we have kittens available for sale, we will  also insist on screening the prospective new owner thoroughly before the kittens leave our home. If a kitten is going to a new home as a pet, it will have received all necessary shots, and health record.  Pet owners will be allowed to pick up their new kitten  at 16 weeks of age, and will be required to sign a contract.  Certified registration will be withheld until written proof of spaying and/or neutering of kitten(s) is signed by a certified Veterinarian.  We request that the kitten(s) not be altered until they have reached the age of 5 to 6 months.  This is for the health and protection of the kitten.




Member of CFA Maine Coon Breed Council
I wish to thank you for visiting this website. 
 In 2005 I started introducing foundation to my
 breeding program. 
 We will be experiencing the same trials
 and  errors, as well as, the  glory that
 other Foundation Breeders have been through.

 Each of us have a goal and try hard
 to follow it as closely as possible. 
  I consider health the most important issue
 in breeding, along with  a warm loving
 temperament and type.  My beautiful
 girls and boys come from wonderful
 breeders that are strong believers, as
 I am, in testing their cats. They are 
 examined by a  Veterinarian , specializing
 in the field of Feline Medicine, before
 becoming members of the CoonOpry 
 Family.  Test for necessary genetic issues
 and all other necessary testing
 are done before any of the girls are bred,
 to make sure they are healthy, in hope of
 producing healthy babies.  The Sire of the
 kittens will have also  been tested and
 pedigrees examined. 

 I consider myself extremely lucky to
 have  found such wonderful breeder friends in the cat fancy. 
  Not only do I consider them  breeder friends, but also
dear friends.  They have helped me greatly, and I will always
 appreciate them, their advice and their knowledge. 

 This is a continuous learning experience.  Whether one has been breeding 2 years or 20 years, there is
always something new to learn.

I was asked to brag about myself.. I do not like doing this... but friends felt I should at least mention my accomplishments in CFA with a Photo.
I am afraid the photo is really showing my age, but we can't expect to stay young forever (Smile)

In 2010, I was the Gulf Shore Region's "EXHIBITOR OF THE YEAR" and the recipient of the "SPOTLIGHT AWARD" for dedication and work that I have done for our region.  I continue to provide all the help, as much as possible, for our region.  Whether it is decorating, fund raising, designing logos and/or artwork, putting on shows,  I do what I can to provide for my region's needs. 


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