Coonopry Maine Coons
Maine Coons of "Chorus" Maine Coon Kittens in Tennessee
Grand Champion, Regional Winner Lines CFA & TICA 
Breed for Health, Type and Temperament
Regular and Polydactyl lines

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Coonopry Kitten

Watching kittens grow and change is such a delight!
 We are concentrating on the Polydactyl Lines, as of May of 2015 they will be recognized in "The International Cat Association...aka....TICA" for showing.  Half the litters will be poly and the other half will be regular footed.  These kittens parents were hand picked from previsous litters of Coonopry that make up a great example of the Standard of the Maine Coon in itself.  These poly lines are from the creator of the Masterweaver foot where all toes touch the ground.  They are also polydactyl lines that originate from the upper New England and Canada, a region where the anomaly originated.  Please check back with us.  We will be having browns, silvers, reds and a mix of these for females patches, in silver and brown.  Thank you 

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 Please read below in regards to pricing.  

Coming Soon kittens sired by GC Coonopry's Shenandoah
with RPCathouse Bonnie Blue of Coonopry
Due around November 23, 2017

    STAR                                                             BONNIE



Kittens still available... from GC RW Shanna Flaming Star of Coonopry and RP Cathouse Silhouette of Coonopry
They were born May 2, 2017        (both females)    
CoonTessa                   Susie Q        
One Kitten Still Available from CH Coonopry Aphrodite and Shanna Storm Watch
Ready to leave after October 12, 2017

Summer Storm- Female

Coonopry takes pride in raising the healthiest kittens possible. This is why we do not let our babies leave home until they are 16 weeks old.  They will have had all their shots plus vet visit before departure

Regular Maine Coon Male as pet:  $1050   Females:  $850
Polydactyl Maine Coon Males as pet:  $1400   Females: $1300
Kittens leaving as a breeder/show kitten will go to established breeders only, that are consider ethical and reliable.   Please contact me privately if interested.

Regular Maine Coon Breeders:  Male $2200  - Female $2000

Polydactyl Maine Coon Breeders:  Male  $2500  - Female  $2300