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Maine Coons, of Chorus!

 #1 Tip:   Go to several shows and meet the breeders. Watch, Listen and Learn!  There is so much more to showing and breeding than you could ever imagine, and you will learn this  as you become more involved with the breed.

 #2 Tip:  Start showing an altered Maine Coon. 

 #3 TipAfter you have decided you want to start breeding, learn the pedigree of the kitten you plan to breed . Producing healthy kittens should be your number one priority.  Do a Mate Testing in the Maine Coon Database to see if this Maine Coon will help to lower its kittens' COIs.  It is possible that lower COIs can help to aid in the health of the breed.

 #4 Tip:  Find a good Mentor.  Someone who has been through it all and can share their experience and help you to not make the same mistakes.  As my Mentor tells me "it only takes one time to learn a  lesson."

 #5 TipHave your cat tested regularly for HCM and HD.  There are also other screenings which  may be required.  Your vet can advise you in this area.  The breeder you acquire your kitten from, should be the one to advise you, if  further testing is required, as they know their pedigree and its background.  If they  are unable or unwilling to furnish you this information,  I would suggest purchasing from another breeder.

 I have listed  a few  Breeder friends  with  Excellent Reputations.  To visit their website, please click on the spinning icon.

 Foundation Breeders  and Show Lines   



          Cari Tucker                                
          (Oregon )                                             



                                                   Carol Pedley                                             Phyllis Tobias                                
                                    Le Beau Minu  Maine Coons                  Kumskaka Maine Coons                                      
                                                   (Maine)                                             (Florida)  +Fdn                         



  Marga Harms                                                      Rose Spillman                                        Stella             
(The Netherlands) (Website changed )                       Mystic-Isle Maine Coons                              RP Cathouse Maine Coons
Shanna Cattery + Fdn                                                           (Maryland)                                                       (Maryland)


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